Friday, August 28, 2009

Gambar Bus Stop Terbaik Dunia

Curitiba Bus Stop
Futuristic public transport bus stop in Curitiba, Brazil

Guarana Antarctica Bus Stop
Football goal posts were placed in bus shelters around Sao Paulo, Brazil to promote the World Cup

Strawberry Bus Stop
Yummy strawberry bus stop from Japan.

Yosemite Falls Bus Stop
Beautiful Yosemite Falls trail bus stop is perfectly suited for the setting.

Hammock Bus Stop
Relax while you wait for the bus to arrive.

Air Conditioned Bus Stop
Fully enclosed bus stop with air conditioning in Dubai

Casar de Caceres Bus Stop At Spain

Moroccan Style Bus Stop
No ordinary bus stop decorated by Iris Hynd in Cornwall, England.

Estonian Bus Stop
Beautiful bus stop design from Estonia

Watermelon Bus Stop
Creative watermelon bus stop in Ishaya , Japan

School Bus Bus Stop
Unusual "school bus" bus stop from Athens, Ga

Swing Bus Stop
Creative London bus stop by Bruno Taylor gives commuters a chance to have a little bit of playtime while they wait for the bus

Vitra Bus Stop
Bus stop designed for the Vitra design museum in Germany

Sheffield Bus Stop
Creative bus shelter with grass roof in Sheffield , England

LED Bus Stop
Designed as part of the smart mobilities project, this bus stop was presented in Paris in 2008

P/S :Apa pandangan anda tentang bus stop di atas dengan bus stop yang ada di MALAYSIA? fikir2 kan lah...


  1. nice bustop la....
    alangkah indahnya kalau d malaysia ada bustop cenggitu....

  2. http://permatahati2008.blogspot.comAugust 30, 2009 at 12:55 AM

    Bus stop di Dubai tu memang menyamankan, tapi kalau Hammock bus stop tu, takut, terleka sangat sampai bas lalu pun tak sedar.

  3. tau xpa..

    bila tahun la malaysia nk ada bus stop mcm tu?hohoh

  4. bus stop di dubai tu mmg terbaik!siap ada aircorn tu..mmg maju gila dubai..hohoh

  5. t's such a great site. fabulous, very intriguing!!!